Friday, November 23, 2007

Keeping your voice happy!

This time of year is a sketchy one for voice performers. Not only do we have germs from 'normal' sources that we have to dodge to keep our voice in top shape, but with all of the family gatherings around the holidays, there's even more chance for exposure.

Flu shots are one way to keep yourself safe. A regular regimen of vitamins and healthy foods are another way to keep sickness at bay. New over-the-counter products, like Airborne, are also gaining in popularity in the fight against the germs.

But every voice performer has their favorite methods of soothing the vocal chords and keeping our voices strong, sick or not.

Hot teas have been a sidekick to vocal performance for not just speakers, but singers, too. Caffeine can have a negative impact on performance ability, but in small doses, I find tea to be more helpful than harmful. My favorite is the tAZO family of loose-leaf teas, but I've been known to hit the fast and effective Good Earth and Bigelow teas from my corner grocer's, too.

Honey is another old standard. I'm lucky to live right down the street from a small feed store that also carries their own line, that's more like royal jelly than honey (re: VERY soothing to the throat when you need it!).

These are very basic, but part of my usual routine. Keep your methods of voice protection handy this season, and share your favorites with your fellow performers!