Monday, July 02, 2007

Serious Vanity Music's 100% Organic Podcast !

100% Organic Podcast #1!

Click the link above to access our very first 100% Organic Podcast, featuring business tips, product recommendations, studio specials and samples, web spotlights, and a few bonuses here and there.

This week our featured site and product are both from I mentioned that we would have the direct link to the product, and here it is:

The Small Business Podcasting Kit

Or, to download from the page, Click here, then visit the June 20 entry.

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--Dana and Paul
Serious Vanity Music - All Natural Talent
100% Organic Audio!

1 comment: said...

Hi Dana and Paul,

This is a fabulous podcast! Congratulations on starting out - it really is fun, isn't it?

Have a great holiday tomorrow,