Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Never stop innovating!

Paul, the other half of Serious Vanity Music (who also happens to be my husband), is an avid bicycle enthusiast. I've stopped keeping track of how much money we've saved in the last several months due to his replacement of the car for short trips, like to our neighborhood market. I, on the other hand, enjoy an afternoon ride on my single-speed around the block, but am less inclined to use it for longer distances (he keeps saying this will change once my endurance is up, and I'm hoping he's right!).

Still, my feelers go up when I see anything bike-related in the news, so I got extra-excited to show him the new concept bikes featured at (thanks to The Park Bench for the link).

Looking at these designs are really inspiring. They may not always be practical, but they are always interesting. I mean, what could be more basic than the design of a bicycle? Yet, every year, designers, engineers, and inventors always find a way to come up with new innovations that take that basic design to a whole new level, whether they have a user in mind for the end product, or are just trying to prove a design point.

How can this apply to your business, be it a product or a service? Are you taking your concept to the next level, challenging yourself, your craft, or your design? What new end-user could you attract with a new take on an old favorite?

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