Friday, March 07, 2008

The Art of the Edit

The past few weeks have been jam packed with both new and return clients. Our biggest project at the moment includes compiling and editing about seven CDs worth of our client's narration, which we recorded here at our studio. It's one of the greatest projects we've ever done, and I'm looking so forward to getting feedback from happy listeners!

As a voice artist AND an editor, it's inevitable that these experiences of editing someone else's voice teach me more about my own and how it performs. The recorded human voice is such a unique thing, and I get a lot of pleasure out of 'controlling' it in the editing environment. I have synesthesia, which basically means my senses get a little crisscrossed! This may sound like it would be a hindrance, but when I need to "see" sound, as I do when I'm editing, it makes it naturally a breeze!

My favorite part of the editing process? Making something work that, in theory, really shouldn't. Being able to take two parts of the same syllable from different spoken performances, and put them together flawlessly. Or nailing that "Rice Krispie" (y'know, the 'snap', 'crackle', or 'pop' that stands out in a recording), and leaving a smooth, cohesive performance in its wake.

The goal of any editing session is to make it sound like there was no session at all; that the pristine, clear audio you're hearing moved from the speaker to the recorded file with no effort or ugly artifact to get in its way.

Have a great weekend everyone, and love your jobs as much as I love mine!

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Karridine said...

Just letting you know, in THIS medium, you're not preaching to the wind!

There ARE a few listeners here, and I do appreciate your efforts. Bookmarked you.